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The most romantic restaurant in Boston


Word of mouth

Wine? Cheese? Chocolate? My three staples. Our server, upon greeting us, made a lovely wine recommendation that put the night off to a great start. My date and I opted for the "Indulgence for Two," which allowed us to choose a cheese fondue, 4 meats, and chocolate fondue. I am so glad we went with this combo. We ordered the French Gruyere cheese fondue which tasted intense and authentic. I loved how the cheese truly wrapped itself around the bread and potatoes! Then we chose the scallops, shrimp, chicken and beef to cook in the French au Vin (red wine and mushroom) broth. Also very pleasing, especially when accompanied by a combination of the 5 dipping sauces also offered. The classic milk chocolate fondue was our dessert, and I thought it was so delicious that I wanted to scoop it right out of the bowl with a spoon!

Evelyn "Charlie" S
Love this place! It reminds me of a quaint Parisian cafe. When you enter the atmosphere is warm and inviting, from the cozy small intimate setting to the wonderful friendly staff. I especially enjoy the warm greeting from the French man, who I believe is the manager. The cheese fondue is to die for - I'm a traditionalist so I like the real thing. If you want true authentic fondue The Wine Cellar is the place to visit in Boston - a real gem in Back Bay. This place is incredible. I lived in France for a long time and this is the closest I have come in Boston (or anywhere else in the US for that matter) to getting a "taste" of my experience in France. The food and wine are phenomenal. The ambiance is great/very romantic, very french. Overall, the Wine Cellar reminds me of many of the bistros and restaurants that I used to frequent in Paris.

Nat R.
Keep in mind that it is customary in France to add a tip to the bill. I'm sure that if you have any concerns about this, you can discuss the matter with your waiter. Try to introduce yourself to the owner/chef Thierry Charles. He is a treat - a jovial, stand-up guy from Nice. If it's on the menu, try the boeuf bourguignon or le coq au vin - the Wine Cellar knocks these two traditional French dishes out of the park. Finally, well, enjoy yourself... five stars for this place.

Elizabeth "the rational one" G.
The classic cheese fondue (Gruyere and Emmenthal) was incredible. Just what cheese fondue should taste like, in my opinion. Not sure if the reviewers who said it was bland were expecting Velveeta nacho cheese dip or what, but this was good, as was the bread we were given to dip into it. For the meat course, there are a few different choices... traditional oil or broth, or a white wine or red wine broth. We went with the red and it added just a subtle flavor to all the meats we had. The meats (Asian style marinated chicken, beef tenderloin, marinated lamb, and scallops to round it out with a seafood course) were great too. Seemingly good cuts, tender and without fat or gristle, cut into nice sized pieces, and it tasted delicious and fresh. Finding the right cooking time is a bit of trial-and-error but that's how it goes. … The restaurant is small, but they have the tables turned different directions so you aren't elbowing the person next to you. The tables are very close but it somehow wasn't loud or distracting. A tiny basement space, dimly lit and decorated so you just might start to suspect you're in Switzerland.

Jahna B.
This place was amazing. At first we walked in on valentines day and it was really small and packed. As soon as we gave the man in the front our name, a French man came up to us and apoloized for the inconvenience but we wouldn't be seated right away. He took a group of us down the street to crossroads pub for a drink on him. We were all confused but it was truly his kindness and honesty that won us over. After a drink, he brought us back and we were immediately seated and served. The food was amazing. We ordered the classic cheese fondue for an appetizer followed by the lobster ravioli for me and the chicken dish for my date. Both dishes were amazing: cooked to perfection and served beautifully. The French owner often stopped by to check on us and make sure everything was to perfection. And it certainly was. I would highly recommend this restaurant and the entire experience to anyone looking to enjoy an evening of fine dining, wine, and people.

Sharo A.
I have been to several Fondue restaurants in my life. This is one of the best (outside of Switzerland). Truly, the service was wonderful, the food was delicious, and the wines were extremely tasty and affordable.

Ali A.
I've dined at the Wine Cellar many times, and it's always fantastic. (Which is why the poor reviews were so surprising!) Let me preface this review with the fact that I've lived in Switzerland, home of fondue. The Wine Cellar nails it. Nowhere else can you get something so true to the real thing. And yes, I'm including the Melting Pot in that statement! This is the real deal, folks! The delicious real deal! Sounds like restaurant week is not the best time to go. Go for a special dinner and get the full shebang - cheese fondue, meat fondue and dessert fondue. Perfect for a date because it's very intimate and romantic. The wine selection is great to boot (obvi - it is the Wine Cellar...). Just make sure you come with a very empty stomach, as this place will test the strongest of waistbands.

The Hottest Pot in Town
Is there a cozier meal on a cold night than a pot of warm melted cheese? Thierry Charles of the Wine Cellar, a new fondue restaurant in the Back Bay, doesn't think so. Nor do the fork-wielding, bread-spearing customers who fill the small dining room accented with brick and wrought iron. A quick glance around reveals cheese as the house favorite, despite the menu proffering a host of oil-based fondues and mouth-watering accompaniments, such as sliced, marinated sirloin with bearnaise, French, and gorgonzola sauces. There are nine creative cheese choices available, including spicy tomato fondue, but the traditional garlic-rubbed pot of Swiss fondue should not be missed. The rich, creamy, bubbling blend of Emmental and gruyere cheeses, white wine, a touch of kirsch, and Charles's special secret ingredient is a decadent concoction (and an expensive splurge -- $36 for two), perfect for dipping and smothering cubes of French bread and fried potato wedges. Spear carefully. Swiss tradition requires women who drop their bread in the pot to kiss the men at the table, and men who do so to buy a bottle of wine for each guest.

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